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Nanjing periphery drives river Ning Zhina oneself hill lake wanders strategy
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nanjing periphery drives Jiang Ning oneself south hill lake wanders strategy. . . . . . . . . Recommend ★ of the ★ that spend ★ . . . . . . The person is enraged: 2Fokelore of 621 is in south group of hill of hill lake are medium, living essence of a carp, on a year of village big drought, anhydrous irrigates farm, and the carp milt that repairing refine, because cannot change the body is downhill, look to be urgent in the eye on the heart. Then, use tactics is in keep long in stock the spring in hill, the assemble is become stream, have diarrhoea falls to hill. And carp essence also because of infatuated change body stone, lie forever in spring bottom.
In those days, before library of the landscape austral excavate, people still can see the piscine form in pond blames stone, still built a temple in stone upper part, show the hold in deep respect of pair of carp essence. And when Culture Revolution, all these is regarded as the FOUR OLDS is bungled to rot, but return somebody to be in now south of hill lake to lakefront chooses a few broken fish stone.
Far go subcelestial and blatant, weak go fleeting time flying foam, hill lakefront is forming south " Oriental Geneva " the little village of type, those who revealed halcyon backside is flourishing.
Walk strategy
The position: Hill lake reservoir is located in town of man of Jiang Ning land and cupreous well town to hand in south collect place, make an appointment with 30 kilometers from the urban district. Hill of saddle of Na Linan badge 15 kilometers, freeway of westing Ning Ma and railroad of peaceful overgrown with weeds 5 kilometers, salary mouth is apart from east International Airport 13 kilometers. Drive anew market opening need setting out 45 minutes, set out to need 30 minutes only from lake of a hunderd schools.
Traffic: Drive on city east artery, amount to peaceful horse highway through circling city highway, change Shang Tong to highway again, exercise makes an appointment with 600 rice hind to be able to be arrived at. If take a bus, in rain line of Ning Jing of the north in spending stage terminal to take arrives directly at cupreous well to press down, the perhaps rides 5 yuan horse that after getting off, calls is amounted to oneself, can arrive.
Amuse oneself: Hill lakefront has south south hill lake goes vacationing village, the travel item of many close nature was made inside, can row to play and fish in the lake; Equestrian by farm, drive country car or drive cross-country; Of in the vicinity of a mountainous area inside go angling or barbecue is waited a moment. No matter be ascend cliff, still hover in sky, or swim in the lake, to having deep love for nature and gymnastic person for, go vacationing the village offers more comprehensive establishment.
Eat: The characteristic that Liu Lang presses down is fastfood it is tea doing and violet sugar cane, the Lu Hao that cupreous well presses down and vivid bead are more goluptious also. Arrive south amuse oneself of hill lake reservoir, those who be worth to recommend is, can be in go vacationing the village hires a villa to live, perhaps invite friend photograph to get together, really god-given, because villa is in hill, water of look out lake, scenery blame beautiful. Charge is: 3 rooms 1 hall (5 people) for a day 680, 2 rooms 1 hall (3 people) for a day 420, 1 room 1 hall (2 people) it is a day 380.
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