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Line of travel of 50 Olympic Gameses takes you to visit Gu Tanxin
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Line of 50 Olympic Games travel takes you to visit Gu Tanxin. . . . . . . . . Recommend ★ of the ★ that spend ★ . . . . . . The person is enraged: 2During Olympic Games of 568, major citizen is entered without the predestined relationship " bird's nest " , " water is cubic " sightseeing, but everybody also can sign up attend new Olympic Games one day to swim course, on board place of overlook Olympic Games. Yesterday, the travel during Beijing tourism bureau announced an Olympic Games recieves a product -- , circuitry of 50 high-quality goods, and the brigade content that serves as environmental protection, sewage treatment plant of tall tablet inn also amid.
Yesterday morning, beijing tourism bureau releases Olympic Games travel to welcome a plan, during the Olympic Games, beijing will roll out new line of travel of 50 Olympic Gameses, cover Olympic Games place, new landscape, museum, industry to swim, capital culture 5 large categories, include in circuit " bird's nest " , " water is cubic " , the newly mark of the Beijing such as ave of building of station of boat of T3 of airport of building of new headquarters of Olympic park, CCTV, capital, front door landscape, the traditional tourist attraction such as factory of the Great Wall, Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, big boom, coloured glaze also amid.
Tong Wei of president of travel total company represents the state, these high-quality goods courses will be given priority to with swim one day or swimming half days, the tourist also can choose the combination of many circuitry by oneself, single track quotes estimation general is controlled in 200 yuan, particular value will be announced recently, will rise to welcome a visitor formally in August.
■ partial line
"Brilliant Olympic Games swims "
1, " bird's nest " , " water is cubic " , national great theater
2, the Summer Palace, round bright garden, " bird's nest " , " water is cubic "
"Ancient rhyme capital swims "
1, the brigade of capital amorous feelings: Sea of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of Yong He palace, the Imperial College, respectful Wang Fu, assorted
2, the brigade of capital elegant demeanour: Tiananmen Square, the Imperial Palace, alley swims, night fair of Dong Hua door
"Exploration industry swims "
1, the stay away from home with dream contemporary circle: Limited company of Beijing contemporary car
2, the brigade of environmental protection of water energy resources: Sunny area is high tablet inn sewage treatment plant

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